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Concierge Services: Tasteful attention to details, whenever you need it.

As recognized experts in all things service, Kraft Events personalized concierge brings a helping hand when you need it. Some real-life examples:

  • Deliver the perfect surprise gift for in-laws and business partners at a memorable four-star restaurant.
  • Effortlessly complete travel arrangements for a family ski trip, including pet sitting.
  • Coordinate activities for children during an adults-only night out.
  • Suggest a band for your sister’s surprise party.
  • Provide a list of the hottest holiday gifts for a teenage boy who seems to have everything … then buy, wrap, and deliver it.

Kraft Concierge Services include: sourcing specific household items, courier services, personal shopping, gifts, special evening arrangements, tickets, and much more.

Whatever you need … whenever you need it … we will take care of it.