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The same discretion, communication, and expertise that our clients have come to expect comes home.

As recognized experts in all things service, the team at Kraft Events is pleased to offer personalized concierge services to anyone who needs an extra helping hand.

For example, we can arrange a gift for your in-laws to arrive at a restaurant at an exact time on a specific date. Or make complete travel arrangements for a family ski trip, including pet sitting. Coordinate activities for children on an adults-only night out. Suggest a band for your sister’s surprise party. Give you a list of the season’s hottest holiday gifts for a teenage boy who seems to have everything. We will even buy, wrap, and deliver.

Our concierge services include sourcing specific household items, courier services, personal shopping, gifts, special evening arrangements, tickets, and more. Whatever you need, we will take care of it. Just give us a call.